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SQL Server Consultant

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SQL Server Consulting

SQL Server Consulting – Overview

Mike Walsh has been working exclusively with SQL Server for fifteen years, the last few years as a SQL Server consultant. He is a SQL Server blogger, speaker and has been recognized by Microsoft as a SQL Server MVP for 3 MVP award cycles in a row since 2011.  His experience, knowledge and expertise will quickly help you and your team find the right way to SQL Server peace of mind. Have a look at what some past clients say about working with Mike.

In 2012, Mike joined forces with a specialized consultancy focused on the Microsoft Data Platform, Linchpin People. Linchpin is made up of consultants who are experts, bloggers, speakers, MVPs and the full team is motivated to help bring you and your environment where you want and need to go. Whether it is consulting, mentoring or a little of both – Mike’s excited to help you with the rest of the team at Linchpin.

Mike is a Partner at Linchpin People and is the practice lead of the WellDBA™ Practice. This is the practice focused on consulting and mentoring with SQL Server performance, Database Administration and infrastructure architecture for optimal SQL Server performance.

Contact Linchpin People today to schedule a no obligation conference call consultation to discuss your current SQL Server challenges with Mike and the Linchpin team and see if there is a good fit for us to add value to your environment.

SQL Server Consulting – Engagements

We consult in a variety of areas of need in your SQL Server infrastructure:

  • SQL Server Health & Performance Checks  - Consulting engagement where we can determine how your SQL Server is performing, how the reliability of it is and what it’s future growth potential is. We can sometimes help save you money in SQL Server licenses, hardware costs and make sure you are ready for the next fire around the corner. We often find several issues that clients may not be aware they are suffering from.
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning - Helping you get the most out of your SQL Server environment. We make sure you are using the resources you have appropriately, rather than throw hardware at a problem, we can help you utilize your hardware more efficiently.
  • DBA Best Practices
  • Vendor Database Code & Procedures Review  - making sure that you, the software vendor, don’t fall into the umbrella of this post and follow best practices instead. We can also help a company ensure that the vendors they buy software from aren’t creating more problems than they are solving.
  • SQL Server Database Design and Development
  • SQL Server Virtualization Consulting - Going virtual? Currently Virtual? We can help make sure you are following all of the necessary best practices, making sure your environment is properly configured and provide guidance on architecture for the best SQL Server performance in a virtual environment.
  • Remote DBA Services
  • Contact Mike today for your specific challenges and needs

You can reach out to Mike at mike@StraightPathSQL.com or give him a call direct – 603.203.9797. He is local to Boston, MA; Portland, ME; and Manchester/Portsmouth New Hampshire areas and a drive to most of New England. We can help you remotely or travel to your site anywhere in the world.Our clients are from all over.

Mike is a very skilled SQL DBA – very sound and dependable. Never shy about taking on added responsibility.  Best of all Mike is always looking to improve the situation, be it something in his direct control or other parts of the organization.  Always a pleasure to work with, always a value add to very project we worked on.

-  IT Infrastructure Director from health services company