DBA Lessons From a Snowy Winter

I live in New England. I expect snow in the winter. This winter, though, has been a bit of an anomaly from recent winters for us. We started out with very little snow, abnormally little snow. But then it came (and it is still coming) all at once. Over about 4ish weeks we had a […]

2014 – Wow, What a Year!

I once heard someone say that as you get older – time seems to go by faster. 2014 was a busy year for me in a lot of ways. But it was the first year that I really felt like the year was just a tiny ripple of time.  It’s that time of year when […]

PASS BoD Thoughts

I can’t make the PASS Board Q&A this year at the Summit. I had to fly out early. I spoke with a few board members off and on, though. I wanted to put some thoughts down about an organization that I do care about and have gained much from. Will it be looked at before […]

It’s The Data, Stupid

No Offense I mean no offense by the title. The title goes back to American election politics. Someone somewhere (James Carville said this in 1991 about the focus of the campaign he managed for Bill Clinton.. Forgot that, but I found it in about 8 seconds because of fast data in the cloud). I’m not […]

PASSPrayers 2014 – Sixth Year

SQL PASS isn’t that far off. Every year  now since the 2009 Summit (Had to count on my fingers a couple times to be sure it was really 6) there has been a quick gathering in the morning at some central location of Christians who wish to start the conference day off with a quick […]

kCura’s k-rad Idea & A Vendor Doing SQL Better

k-rad.. K  From kilobyte.. A thousand.. A thousand times Rad.. Back when a 40MB hard drive was perhaps average or maybe around the time of those big 1.6GB hard drives, it meant “really cool”.. Maybe today it would ex-rad or p-rad. Anyway. There’s a reason for this trip down BBS or mIRC memory lane.. We’ll get […]

Hey DBA Managers, Don’t Be Like the Secret Service!

Continuing from yesterday’s advice to DBAs…  Three Four (hey it’s for managers, brownie points…) lessons for management from the Secret Service “issues”.   Trust But Verify At the White House “upper management” at Secret Service didn’t realize how bad things were with recent lapses. At least I hope they didn’t and I’m going to assume they […]