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PASS BoD Thoughts

I can’t make the PASS Board Q&A this year at the Summit. I had to fly out early. I spoke with a few board members off and on, though. I wanted to put some thoughts down about an organization that I do care about and have gained much from. Will it be looked at before […]

It’s The Data, Stupid

No Offense I mean no offense by the title. The title goes back to American election politics. Someone somewhere (James Carville said this in 1991 about the focus of the campaign he managed for Bill Clinton.. Forgot that, but I found it in about 8 seconds because of fast data in the cloud). I’m not […]

Well Meaning Isn’t Enough

Your company’s data is pretty darn important. Your ability to interact with and glean insights from this data is key to your business in just about every industry. Whether that data is patient care records, the “recipe” for the MES processes manufacturing your drug, your customer list or sales trends this holds true. You probably […]

PASS Ponderings Part newsequentialid()

Everybody else is doing it and I’ve never been shy to share my thoughts on the organization I enjoy being a part of (PASS is not the SQL Community, What Should PASS be and Do?, If Pass Closed its Doors…) And my motive is typically a constructive one. I actually really am PASSionate about PASS. […]

I’m Thankful For: A Vibrant Technology Community

I’m a SQL Server Blogger – how could a week of Thanksgiving posts go by without at least one about this thing that is the SQL Server Community? To recap – I’m doing a series of posts this week on things I’m thankful for – one each weekday. This has looked like: Perspective – Why […]

PASS Summit Preferences

I just received an e-mail from SQL PASS. This year they are taking some community input into the session selection process apparently. Anyone who is a free member of PASS can vote on session preferences here. I like this idea and think this along with the speaker review process (I am a member of that […]

What Should PASS Be and Do?

Alright. So my last post (PASS Is Not The SQL Community) generated some interesting feedback so far and it was posted later on a Friday. I am sure there will be some more generated. In the meantime I wanted to put up a quick post with a disclaimer and something more constructive. Disclaimer I think […]

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