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Take Your Kids to SQL Saturday Day

I’ve been mostly away from twitter lately – so busy! – but I’m really glad I checked in to do a little bragging tonight. I just sent a simple tweet out “Taking my daughter to an upcoming SQL Saturday.. Will be her first time in this city and her first SQL Saturday!” What followed was […]

SQL Saturday 60 Says Keep Speaking

So last week I told you to start speaking and presenting what you know. I may even have a taker in John Sansom who blogs about SQL Server and chats on twitter. Looking forward to seeing John (and you!) on a speaker list someday. Well after having that series go up last week, I got […]

SQL Saturday 49 – Orlando Recap

(Remember, it is best to post new blog entries on weekdays during the business day. Not at 7PM on a Saturday.. Do as I say not as I do) I miss my wife and kids. In that respect, I am eagerly awaiting the airplane to come take me back to Boston so I can journey […]

SQL Saturday #33 – Charlotte – A Recap

I am sitting in the terminal at Charlotte’s airport waiting for my flight back, it’s a bit delayed so I have time to reflect on a great SQL Saturday. This was my second SQLSaturday and it was a fantastic event. Boston was also great, as I blogged about but I was here a bit longer […]

SQL Saturday, Seacoast SQL and January

Where does the time go?! January was an incredibly busy month with the day job, home, a battle with the flu and the wrap up of the holidays. It went felt like it took a week to go by but some good news came in January as well. This first week in February, I hope […]

You Can Tune Your Own SQL Code

This talk is geared towards developers who maybe aren’t so familiar or comfortable with Query Plans, IO Statistics, SQL Profiler or the concepts of tuning queries. We cover some basics (Indexing, SARGable Queries, Statistics, Some “Worst Practices”, some general concepts for performance minded development) and then play with some sample queries. The purpose of the […]

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