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On Feedback… And a Plea To Event Organizers

I really like presenting. I’ve blogged about some tips for others thinking about starting before. In those posts, I share how I started out terrified of speaking in public. One of the reasons I am enjoying it to date? Good feedback. Don’t read that as “positive” (though there has been more of that than I’ve […]

Hello SQL Ralliers!

If you are coming here from sitting in my presentation on Thursday at 8:30 at the SQL Rally then this post should be useful. If you are thinking about it, maybe the link contained within will be useful. If you aren’t, well then hopefully my other content will be useful! You can see more about […]

PASS Summit Preferences

I just received an e-mail from SQL PASS. This year they are taking some community input into the session selection process apparently. Anyone who is a free member of PASS can vote on session preferences here. I like this idea and think this along with the speaker review process (I am a member of that […]

Better Than the MVP Award?

It felt good to find out I was awarded last week. What’s better, though? Session feedback like the following comment that truly made me feel like an MVP: Thanks Mike, I wasn’t sure where to start. Now I Know. I had originally decided to not submit for SQL Saturday 71 since I was helping organize […]

SQL Saturday 60 Says Keep Speaking

So last week I told you to start speaking and presenting what you know. I may even have a taker in John Sansom who blogs about SQL Server and chats on twitter. Looking forward to seeing John (and you!) on a speaker list someday. Well after having that series go up last week, I got […]

How Should I Present?

While still borrowing from the titles for my series on why you should blog and some tips on how you could get started blogging I want to follow up to my earlier post on why should be speaking with some tips on how you can get started. Hopefully you read the first post and have […]

Heckle Me, Summit Event and Mike Who?

Mike Walsh? Who? Where has Mike been? Well I originally had pledged to take August off from most extracurricular activities (the User Group still met, still had some PASS conference calls, more later). I guess I was feeling Parisian, except I didn’t go to Nice for the month and I made sure my elderly relatives […]

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