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SQL Saturday 49 – Orlando Recap

(Remember, it is best to post new blog entries on weekdays during the business day. Not at 7PM on a Saturday.. Do as I say not as I do) I miss my wife and kids. In that respect, I am eagerly awaiting the airplane to come take me back to Boston so I can journey […]

SQL Server Consulting – Straight Path Solutions

Welcome To Straight Path Solutions As a consultant to the company, I worked directly with Mike for approximately one year. We worked as part of a team in a challenging software development environment with aggressive deadlines and many moving pieces. As a Database Administrator, Mike was a strong contributor and key to our success. As […]

Speaking at Seacoast SQL Server Users Group

Live in or near the Seacoast region of New Hampshire? The Seacoast SQL Server User group meets every second Tuesday of the month at 6:15 and so far we have had a great time at the meetings. I blogged about our inaugural meeting here and am excited to watch the membership grow and to see […]

Speaking at SNESSUG Wednesday!

Back in April, I invited Grant Fritchey to be our inaugural speaker to the Seacoast SQL Server User Group. My guess is he was frustrated with the traffic and time to drive from his office in Rhode Island up to New Hampshire in rush hour traffic. Why? Because shortly after his time speaking with us, […]

SeacoastSQL First Meeting Recap

(Written the night of the meeting, edited and posted after) Wow. I just got home from a really great night with a fun group of people. The first meeting (hopefully of many more) was a success (more on what that means from my point of view below) and we had an amazing turnout – By […]

SQL Saturday, Seacoast SQL and January

Where does the time go?! January was an incredibly busy month with the day job, home, a battle with the flu and the wrap up of the holidays. It went felt like it took a week to go by but some good news came in January as well. This first week in February, I hope […]

You Can Tune Your Own SQL Code

This talk is geared towards developers who maybe aren’t so familiar or comfortable with Query Plans, IO Statistics, SQL Profiler or the concepts of tuning queries. We cover some basics (Indexing, SARGable Queries, Statistics, Some “Worst Practices”, some general concepts for performance minded development) and then play with some sample queries. The purpose of the […]