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All I Want For Christmas Is…

I’m not going to let another #mememonday pass without a post – one thought came to mind. The theme this month is – What gift do you want Microsoft to leave under the tree this year? I don’t want much. Bill Gates is already taking care of the world, so no beauty pageant wish there. […]

You Keep Using That Word – T-SQL Tuesday Entry

Steve Jones is in the control room for this month’s T-SQL Tuesday challenge. His topic is a good one. I won’t repeat it here, just look at his post announcing this month’s topic. His topic is discussing challenges we’ve faced when dealing with “customers” (I use that to include clients, managers, colleagues, the business, etc.). […]

5 Things SQL Server Should DROP

When I picture Paul Randal, I picture a guy who likes to run up to a bees nest at a crowded picnic and give it a good couple whacks. You know what I mean, it’s that laughing picture in his twitter profile. Or maybe it’s the devil’s advocate style he has. Maybe it’s his controversial […]

Bill Clinton Wasn’t Impeached For…

Yes, he was impeached, by the house and acquitted by the Senate. Not the point of my post today, forget the politics. He wasn’t impeached for all of that business with Monica Lewinski. Was it unethical? Yes. Was it immoral? Well to me it is. Was that activity an impeachable offense? No. Why was he […]

You Could Be Suffering Right Now

Implicit Conversions In SQL Server – A Silent Perf Killer I recently had the opportunity to work with a developer at the day job. He was using a loop (for what he was doing it actually makes sense ) and he had a query that ran great when he stripped the query out of the […]


Documentation (…Or how I learned to stop procrastinating and love tolerate a chore necessary task) Do you document? Do you document well? As I told Paul Randal (twitter, blog) today on twitter, this blog post was inspired by an observation in the shower and a recent question by Brent Ozar (twitter, blog). You didn’t need […]

Manage Your Transactions (So They Don’t Manage You – Part 2)

This is the final in a series on shrinking and transactions. You can see them all in the Shrinking & Transactions category. In part 1, we talked about factors that affect transaction log growth. We talked about what a SQL Server transaction is and the various modes SQL interacts with a transaction (Autocommit, Implicit Transactions and […]

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