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Memory Prices Changed – Have Your SQL Servers?

Psst – My services are likely more expensive than the memory your SQL Server needs and wants. Your CIOs and Directors need to stop thinking they are buying servers and components in 2004, or even 2010. I do all sorts of consulting gigs for all different reasons, but a lot of tuning gigs and wellness […]

Linked Server Query Running Slow?

Is your SQL Server Linked Server Query running slow? Check your permissions. Maybe this is old news to you but it wasn’t for me –> It was a good day. We had finally migrated onto brand new hardware (and saw a 250% improvement in run times of most warehouse jobs). I had finally cleaned up […]

Invitation for T-SQL Tuesday #004: IO

Yes, it is already time for T-SQL Tuesday again (well one week away, time for the invite). I have been thoroughly enjoying T-SQL Tuesday (especially the posts ones from Brad Schulz) but the fact that this is #004 means time is flying too fast lately. You Don’t Know What T-SQL Tuesday Is Yet? Adam Machanic […]

SQL Server Consultant Testimonials

What some of our SQL Server consulting clients have to say about working with Mike: Mike is very knowledgeable with SQL. He has helped my company many times to get the most power out of our SQL installation. Mike also is very good at teaching others. Mike is my number one resource when it comes […]

SQL Server Consultant

  SQL Server Consulting – Overview Mike Walsh has been working exclusively with SQL Server for fifteen years, the last few years as a SQL Server consultant. He is a SQL Server blogger, speaker and has been recognized by Microsoft as a SQL Server MVP four years in a row since 2011.  His experience, knowledge and […]

About Straight Path Solutions

Straight Path IT Solutions exists to immediately add value to our client’s SQL Server world. Whether it be performance tuning, custom mentoring or SQL Server Consulting, Mike Walsh will offer his knowledge and experience to meet your goals.  As an outside the box member of your team with SQL Server expertise, Straight Path Solutions hopes […]

You Could Be Suffering Right Now

Implicit Conversions In SQL Server – A Silent Perf Killer I recently had the opportunity to work with a developer at the day job. He was using a loop (for what he was doing it actually makes sense ) and he had a query that ran great when he stripped the query out of the […]

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