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Slow Down and Communicate!

Earlier this week I ripped a headline for blog post inspiration. Looks like the week will end that way, too. Before you ask – this isn’t about the PASS organizational struggles – though I thinkĀ it applies there – and looking inside I think it applies to me there. It also applies to parenting. I’m writing […]

PASS Board Elections

Wow. It’s that time already. We have a lot of great candidates to choose from this year. It’s tough picking. It’s even tougher recommending. That said – I think there are three candidates worth mentioning and who I plan on voting for. And it was really tough to single any out! One candidate however, I […]

A Book, a Mentor and a Community

It’s 2006 – I’m at the SQL PASS Summit. My first one. A former manager, colleague and friend of mine invited me to dinner with a bunch of his business partners. It would have been one of the small number of social things I did that year. Otherwise I was a wall flower, in my […]

PASS Plan Potentials

In my blog post yesterday, I answered Andy Warren’s call to talk about where PASS can be improved by asking what would happen if PASS closed its doors. In the comments, Andy asked a good question, “On #1, I know what you mean but how would you implement it?” He was referring to my list […]

If PASS Closed Its Doors…

One measure I have heard used to measure the effectiveness of a church goes along the lines of “If your church closed its doors tomorrow, would anyone notice?” I think that works for any civic organization, individual life where you want service to others to be a part of that and also membership organizations like […]

SQL Saturday 71 – Now with BAM!!

I am happy excited to be helping MVPs and fellow User Group Leaders Adam Machanic, Grant Fritchey and Tom LaRock plan a Saturday of free (unless you want to donate a totally optional $10 to help offset costs) learning for the Boston (and greater New England) SQL Server community. The four of us have been […]

What Should PASS Be and Do?

Alright. So my last post (PASS Is Not The SQL Community) generated some interesting feedback so far and it was posted later on a Friday. I am sure there will be some more generated. In the meantime I wanted to put up a quick post with a disclaimer and something more constructive. Disclaimer I think […]

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