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Better Than the MVP Award?

It felt good to find out I was awarded last week. What’s better, though? Session feedback like the following comment that truly made me feel like an MVP: Thanks Mike, I wasn’t sure where to start. Now I Know. I had originally decided to not submit for SQL Saturday 71 since I was helping organize […]

How Should I Present?

While still borrowing from the titles for my series on why you should blog and some tips on how you could get started blogging I want to follow up to my earlier post on why should be speaking with some tips on how you can get started. Hopefully you read the first post and have […]

Why Should I Present?

I really enjoyed writing my “Why Blog?” Series last year. It was great to see a few bloggers start blogging after the couple posts and the video interviews I had with Brent Ozar. Well now I have a new call for you – Present. Speak. Stand in front of strangers and teach them what you […]

Where I’ve Been – 2010 Wrap Up

This was a good year in a lot of ways both personally, professionally and with spiritual growth. I still have far to go and plenty of goals to whip together for 2011 but a quick rundown of where I’ve been. These thoughts are my own, and don’t speak for my employer. the next post will […]

On The 11th Day of SQL

What’s This? Brent Ozar had another good Idea (I lost track of how many he’s had). This time it is to take the folks who attended the first free-con (his guinea pigs) and ask us what posts we enjoyed in 2010 from folks who weren’t at this first free-con gathering. We’d wrap up 12 of […]

T-SQL Tuesday – Captains Mentor and Teach

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is being hosted by Robert Davis (@SQLSoldier on twitter) and he asked us about learning and teaching. More on the Captain Quote at the bottom. How Do you Learn? How Do you Teach? YES Robert asked those two questions (along with some others) to help inspire ideas for the topic. If […]

Blogging Tips Interview With Brent Ozar

Welcome to the final post in my series on metablogging topics. We started with a post on my site called “Why Should I Blog?“, which went live the same time as the first part of the below video interview with Brent Ozar. That first video interview went live on Brent Ozar’s Blog.The text series finished […]

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