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My Greatest Weakness?

Around The Blogosphere I was enjoying being an audience to the “greatest weakness” posts going around in the latest meme. This time it was started by David Stein who blogs (quite regularly) over at Made2Mentor.com in his post, “What is your biggest weakness? – The Classic Interview Question”. As I said, I was enjoying reading […]

How do -you- (I) use SQL Server?

I was recently tagged in an interesting blog post by A Misplaced New Englander, David Taylor. (dyfhid on twitter). The question sounds simple enough, “How do you use SQL Server where you work?” Of course the answer is not simple. I echo Grant Fritchey’s response in his blog post that it would be easier to […]

How did I get involved with this SQL Server thing?

There is another quiz going around the SQL Server blogosphere. Great question again, “How did you get started with SQL Server?” I was tagged by Denis Gobo (Blog, Twitter) when he answered this question here. You can hit his blog to track the lineage of this one. I have been working with SQL Server for […]

SQL Quiz 4 – Leadership

Chris Shaw (Blog, Twitter) has started SQL Quiz #4 which asks for you to talk about a great example of leadership or a great leader. Many people have been tagged and  responded, including Jeremiah Peschka (Blog, Twitter) who jokingly offered to tag me in a twitter conversation. I told him not to bother but I […]

First Computer(s)

So the tagging phenomenon continues. I was tagged by Michelle Ufford (Twitter, Blog) in a meme that was started by Dennis Gobo (Twitter, Blog) asking the question about your first computer(s) and top 3 favorite games. My very first computer at home was the TRS-80 Color Computer 2 That’s right. There isn’t a monitor. You […]

Dear Old Self, read these blogs…

I just got back from a New England SQL Server Users Group meeting. Andy Leonard (twitter: @AndyLeonard, blog) gave a great presentation on Change Data Capture and SSIS 2008. At the beginning of this week, I posted about things I wish I knew when I started. I tagged a couple people asking them the question […]

Things you know now…

When I wrote about empirical evidence and learning through trying (instead of asking only), I got thinking about things I wish I knew when I was a Junior DBA that I know now. Rather than just keep those thoughts to myself, I figured I would write about them here and tag a couple folks to […]

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