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5 Database Lessons From The Bathroom…

I’m writing this post from my living room, don’t worry. A recent last minute trip to replenish the household toilet paper supply had me thinking of this illustration. So….
I’m a big fan of finding lessons for the day job from everyday life – call them illustrations, if you want. I’ve found inspiration preparing for planting [...]


Relationship Advice From The FCC

I never thought a government agency would teach me a life lesson. That was until I had a long drive to a client site and pondered the FCC label you see on electronics, motors, and the like…
I was listening to my Zune Pass music in the truck driving to a client a couple [...]


Best Practices: Explain and Understand Them!

Stop expecting people to blindly follow your advice. Stop blindly following the advice of others.

I’m borrowing a lesson from the man who proclaimed he knew exactly when the world would end (last weekend October 21st now). If you only have a minute, my point is simple and I’ve hit it before here -
For Those [...]


Avoid Using Those Troubleshooting Skills

When I re-read yesterday’s blog post on troubleshooting steps, I felt guilty. Instantly. Why? Because I had failed to mention something to you in that post and failed to follow advice I just gave in my SQL Rally presentation. *In my own defense, I did mention that one of the bullets I used in that [...]


Can’t Troubleshoot? Don’t Apply!

If you can’t diagnose a problem and troubleshoot it, you can’t work with me. I interview for that skill.