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Where Do I Want To Go?

My last post was a summary of positive highlights from 2010. I’ve been thinking a lot on where I want to be, how I want to be living and what life is all about. Because of those rambling thoughts, I am going to summarize themes I want to live by. You could call them resolutions […]

Where I’ve Been – 2010 Wrap Up

This was a good year in a lot of ways both personally, professionally and with spiritual growth. I still have far to go and plenty of goals to whip together for 2011 but a quick rundown of where I’ve been. These thoughts are my own, and don’t speak for my employer. the next post will […]

SQL Saturday, Seacoast SQL and January

Where does the time go?! January was an incredibly busy month with the day job, home, a battle with the flu and the wrap up of the holidays. It went felt like it took a week to go by but some good news came in January as well. This first week in February, I hope […]

Where has Mike been?

I’ll never make @SQLRockstar’s list like this! I have been quite busy lately. I haven’t followed some of the great advice of Brent Ozar (Blog, Twitter) and his series on blogging tips (especially the part about writing when you have the time). My lack of posts is not because I want to deprive you, the […]

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