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PASSPrayers 2014 – Sixth Year

SQL PASS isn’t that far off. Every year ┬ánow since the 2009 Summit (Had to count on my fingers a couple times to be sure it was really 6) there has been a quick gathering in the morning at some central location of Christians who wish to start the conference day off with a quick […]

Christians at Pass Update (#passprayer)

Last week I posted about getting together with other Christians while at the PASS Summit this year. We have a good core group formed and we will be meeting throughout the conference. I was originally planning on being there for Sunday evening but there was a death in my wife’s side of the family (her […]

Christians at SQLPASS Summit

From time to time, I blog about my faith here. I am really moving those posts over to my site where I talk about my faith, thoughts on liberty and other personal topics, A Believing Patriot. From time to time I will cross post here and since this post has to do with my SQL […]

Romans 7, meet Romans 6 (part 1)

I occassionally post some blog entries about my faith and family or both. These posts may or may not touch on SQL Server and this is one of them. I discussed this when I first blogged about Jesus’ last words on the cross (Tetelestai). I welcome you to read or skip and I won’t be […]

National Day of Prayer – Conviction

As I said when I posted tetelestai, I will be blogging about my faith from time to time. Well maybe I’ll be doing more of that, maybe I’ll be making a separate blog for that but for now, this is one of those posts. Today’s post may turn more folks away but it’s on my […]

Tetelestai – It is Finished

I recently read a post by Michael Deputy that talked about his Blog Direction. He brought a good point up: Focus on what’s important. Well today I am doing just that. I am a Christian as I say plainly in many locations and in my about us page. I am thinking I may periodically post […]