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PASSPrayers 2014 – Sixth Year

SQL PASS isn’t that far off. Every year  now since the 2009 Summit (Had to count on my fingers a couple times to be sure it was really 6) there has been a quick gathering in the morning at some central location of Christians who wish to start the conference day off with a quick […]

We’re Here to Help

Sometimes we bicker in this SQL Family.. Sometimes we get frustrated with each other.. But we participate in this family because of comments like the one below. Let’s all make it a goal for the rest of this year to remember that.  A Short Disclaimer… I’m not the father of this SQL Community – and […]

A Book, a Mentor and a Community

It’s 2006 – I’m at the SQL PASS Summit. My first one. A former manager, colleague and friend of mine invited me to dinner with a bunch of his business partners. It would have been one of the small number of social things I did that year. Otherwise I was a wall flower, in my […]

I’m Thankful For: A Vibrant Technology Community

I’m a SQL Server Blogger – how could a week of Thanksgiving posts go by without at least one about this thing that is the SQL Server Community? To recap – I’m doing a series of posts this week on things I’m thankful for – one each weekday. This has looked like: Perspective – Why […]

PASS Summit 2011 – Birds of a Feather!

Howdy! The 2011 SQL PASS Summit is fast approaching. I’m happy to have been able to volunteer to help do some coordination of the Birds of a Feather lunch again this year (2010, 2009 topics). I am even more happy to announce the table hosts and table topics. Going to the Summit? Well then check […]

SQLRally FeedBack Received

I just got the feedback in from my SQL Rally presentation. I gave one presentation (well I took part in a couple other events and one other presentation but this was the only “all me” one that I was rated for) All in all I was pleased with my “performance”. This was the first time […]

On Feedback… And a Plea To Event Organizers

I really like presenting. I’ve blogged about some tips for others thinking about starting before. In those posts, I share how I started out terrified of speaking in public. One of the reasons I am enjoying it to date? Good feedback. Don’t read that as “positive” (though there has been more of that than I’ve […]