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Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die – A Review

Having trouble getting your ideas accepted? I read a book that can help you. You can read the review or just go out and get the book, I recommend it. “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die.” There is a link ‘below the fold.’ Yes, some readers got what they needed from […]

SQL University – Professional Development & Knowledge Sharing

This week is SQL University’s “Professional Development” week. Andy Leonard is a pro when it comes to this topic (check out this post and the links on it to see what I mean) and I asked if I could sneak a post in along side his this week since it is a topic I tend […]

You Can Tune Your Own SQL Code

This talk is geared towards developers who maybe aren’t so familiar or comfortable with Query Plans, IO Statistics, SQL Profiler or the concepts of tuning queries. We cover some basics (Indexing, SARGable Queries, Statistics, Some “Worst Practices”, some general concepts for performance minded development) and then play with some sample queries. The purpose of the […]

Blogging Tips Interview With Brent Ozar

Welcome to the final post in my series on metablogging topics. We started with a post on my site called “Why Should I Blog?“, which went live the same time as the first part of the below video interview with Brent Ozar. That first video interview went live on Brent Ozar’s Blog.The text series finished […]

How Should I Blog?

Welcome to Part 2 of our walk through some “metablogging” topics. In the first part (Why Should I Blog?, we covered some of the basics from my experience with a year of blogging done. The main goal was to encourage you to share in a blog if it’s something you have been considering. Part 0 […]

Why Should I Blog?

Are you curious why I spend the time blogging? In this post, I’ll share my motivation for blogging and suggest why you should. The series includes tips and tricks along with a couple video interviews with Brent Ozar and myself.

About Straight Path Solutions

Straight Path IT Solutions exists to immediately add value to our client’s SQL Server world. Whether it be performance tuning, custom mentoring or SQL Server Consulting, Mike Walsh will offer his knowledge and experience to meet your goals.  As an outside the box member of your team with SQL Server expertise, Straight Path Solutions hopes […]

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