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PASS Summit 2012 – Birds of a Feather Lunch

Going to the SQL PASS Summit this year? I sure hope you are! This year, like in 2009, 2010 and 2011 I helped out in getting the Birds of a Feather lunch organized for one of the days. PASS may never ask me back after this year seeing as how the Summit is next week […]

PASS Summit MVP Birds of a Feather Lunch 2010

Hello! Less than a month to go before the #SQLPASS North American Summit for 2010 begins! Wow! This year will mark my third PASS conference. The first was in 2006 and I was a quiet, shy wall flower who hung out with a few folks that I knew (Like Andy Kelly, though he’ll deny it […]

Heckle Me, Summit Event and Mike Who?

Mike Walsh? Who? Where has Mike been? Well I originally had pledged to take August off from most extracurricular activities (the User Group still met, still had some PASS conference calls, more later). I guess I was feeling Parisian, except I didn’t go to Nice for the month and I made sure my elderly relatives […]

PASS Summit Birds of a Feather Lunch – Topics!

Update (10-21): Glenn Allen Berry just blogged about this and he mentioned something I forgot to tell you: at least one of the MVPs asked if they could give away a copy or two of their book. I don’t know if any one else will but one more reason to show up and find out. […]

Eat Lunch with the MVPs at PASS

Meet & Eat In my post last week about where I have been (you know, the one where I promised I would be blogging more), I mentioned that I was helping PASS on a volunteer opportunity. It’s a pretty neat chance for folks to network, learn and watch how different people eat. Birds of a […]

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