Archive | July, 2010

Speaking at Seacoast SQL Server Users Group

Live in or near the Seacoast region of New Hampshire? The Seacoast SQL Server User group meets every second Tuesday of the month at 6:15 and so far we have had a great time at the meetings. I blogged about our inaugural meeting here and am excited to watch the membership grow and to see […]

Linked Server Query Running Slow?

Is your SQL Server Linked Server Query running slow? Check your permissions. Maybe this is old news to you but it wasn’t for me –> It was a good day. We had finally migrated onto brand new hardware (and saw a 250% improvement in run times of most warehouse jobs). I had finally cleaned up […]

Hey Software Vendors – Get a Clue!

Psst. Hey Vendor – DBAs are secretly plotting against you! We hate what your products do to our environments. Sometimes we even work to get you replaced by someone else who makes a product in the same space but is “DBA-Approved”…. What’s that? You want the DBA stamp of approval? I write this blog to […]

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