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Alright so the other day I was congratulating SQL Server Extraordinare Chuck Boyce on twitter. He has lost some weight following a low carb diet and he is doing great with it. In the process I joked about how I fell off the wagon for “Fit February” and thought aloud of starting to have an ActiveAugust.

Well one thing led to another and Jorge Segarra sent me a tweet saying, “I’m in!” then the tweets started coming in with the #ActiveAugust tag and I figured I should blog something with the goals and the plan.

If you are interested in joining, blog about, tweet about it and leave comments indicating so.

The Plan–> I will talk about my plan, it doesn’t have to dictate your plan. The only requirements for #activeagust? Get more active than you were in July.  My hope is for us all to start something that we continue into September, October and then poof! We have a habit. I will blog occasional about my results but part of the #activeaugust plan  for me is going to include:

  • Eating “Cleaner” –> I will try to get some links in a follow up post though it may be a week before I get that.. Basically eating more raw foods, eating less of those foods, drinking more water, maybe some more milk. Getting away from the sugars and processed foods.
  • Doing Something Every Day –> I sit on my butt at work all day, I come home and play with the kids on most days but then I sit on my butt and work at night when the house is sleeping. For my health (physical and emotional), I am going to commit to doing at least 30 minutes of activity on each day. It could be a walk at lunch, it could be getting back to my swimming early mornings, getting into some weight training (building more lean muscle means I am burning more calories when sitting on my butt) or a combination.
  • Blog and tweet about it –> I am going to tweet every time I hit the the minimum 30 minutes of activity, if I do more, maybe I’ll tweet that also. If I drag you along with me I am going to be more likely to do it. Why don’t you drag us along with you and stick to it.
  • Weigh In –> This isn’t only about weight but I will admit the starting weight, throw it on the blog/twitter and then do so either weekly or at least at the end. I care more about how I feel and you should also.

My Personal Goals –> I will not dictate your goals but I hope they can be along the same lines.

  • Lose Some of my weight –> I need to lose 30-40lbs, a lot of that is the unhealthy fat around my lower abdomen… Do you have that? That’s the weight that is a risk factor of many diseases and problems later in life.
  • Feel Better/Have More Energy –> I want to have more energy when I wake up, I want to be more alive when Friday kicks around and it’s time to get yard work done and have fun with my family.
  • Stick with it –> I want to make changes that are not drastic but livable. Not looking to diet because I like a variety, just reducing and eating healthier to get to more basic foods. Not looking for a workout program that I get bored with or becomes a pain to stick with. Just want to stay conditioned.

If #ActiveAugust goes well maybe we can have some check ins and #stickwithitseptember =)

Want to Join? Weights and Commitment by 8/1 with tweets/blogs starting on 8/1 and continuing for the month. I’ll tweet my failures too.

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  1. Don July 23, 2009 at 16:57 #

    Great to hear Mike! Don’t know what it’s like around your office, but if you can out for a walk at lunch time, there is your 30min a day (at least for 5 days). I got pretty consistent with my lunchtime walks in the beginning of March, and it made my transition into running much less painful.

    Anxious to hear your progress. Check out the blog

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